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And the Tree Was Lit, the Season Began, 26th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Post Date:12/07/2017 9:11 AM

Child Wish 1

Well Santa, you know it IS a long list, but let me get started...

I don't think we have ever seen a more jollier Santa Clause.  On the night of Friday December 1st he arrived in his sleigh hitched to his team of reindeer.  The team of course being led by … you guessed it… Rudolph.   Santa and his sleigh glided secretly to a low lit spot on the back side of West Wendover City Hall away from the busy city streets.  In addition to seeing Rudolph’s glowing nose, you could clearly hear the sleigh bells chiming away as they approached.  City employees including some fire fighters and police officers were standing by to assist the landing and once on the ground we took Rudolph’s bridle and tied it to the hitching rail to ensure the reindeer team was secure.  One officer was overheard saying, "Geeeez Rudolph can you turn down that light a bit on your nose, it’s kind of bright!"  I think we heard Rudolph respond with a typical reindeer laugh which sounds like a horse nickering and a donkey braying at the same time… now you know.

Santa was his normal excited self, dressed all in red with white trim and gloves and of course black boots and belt.  He got out of the sleigh with a cheerful bounce but, whispering to all of us as not to be too loud, “Merry Christmas to you all”.  We led him to a secret back door which peered into the Council Chamber where all had assembled.   From there his smile got wider and his red puffy cheeks ballooned with pride as he peeked in and watched the musical talents of the West Wendover Elementary Music Club instructed by Ms. Lynette Parker.  You could hear him chuckle with glee as he said, “Look at those little tikes, they are truly singing their hearts out, what a wonderful sound!”  

Before you knew it the musical program had ended with the community sing along “Here Comes Santa Clause”.  Oh, little did they know, he was already patiently waiting in his big chair in front of the City’s Christmas Tree which had been lit earlier.  And, by the way, Santa told us he thinks our Christmas Tree is the most beautiful one on the planet…and believe us, he has seen a lot of trees.

The evening festivities came to an end once all the children had been given their chance to ask Santa for that special gift.. or two… or three, and then he exclaimed, “Well I hate to but, I have to fly, a few more stops to make tonight and then back to my workshop at the North Pole to update my naughty and nice list with all these requests and to make sure my Elves have finished with the final preparations for my Christmas run.”  

We quickly shuffled down the hallway to the back door, Santa's beard buffeting at the pace… he moves pretty quick for a big man… and out to the waiting sleigh and reindeer.  After untying his team from the hitching rail it seemed to happen in just a flash.  There were some clops of reindeer hooves striking the ground and a few reindeer snorts…we think it was Dasher and Dancer giving a sign to Rudolph that it was time to go… and Santa had instantly bounced back into the sleigh and was holding the reins in his hands.  He said goodbye and gave us smile and a wink from his eye, we heard the reins snap and some very famous words… "Now dash away, dash away all!"    Like a rocket the reindeer and sleigh with Jolly ol’ Saint Nick was up, up and away, streaming across the night sky as if it was a shooting star.   We all just looked at the sky and each other in awe for a minute as the glittering light from the sleigh and reindeer faded into the night sky melding with the rest of the stars.  With a snap Police Chief Welsh turned and said, “Hey, I’m definitely putting milk and cookies out for sure this year!” 


The City Christmas Tree Lit

 Lit Tree

West Wendover Elementary Music Club, Instructed by Ms. Lynette Parker

Ms. Parker 3rd Grade

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