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Visiting West Wendover?

West Wendover has a myriad of activities including historic sites, trails, outdoor recreation as well as some of the west's best night life for you to enjoy.  If you are visiting our area for the first time or maybe its the eighth time or the two-hundreth; consider some of the following suggestions to make your stay one which will be full of great memories.


Historic Sites, Sites of Interest, National or State Parks
  • 509th Composite Group WWII Memorial (brochure, link)
  • Blue Lake
  • Bonneville Salt Flats
  • Curvature of the Earth
  • Danger Cave & Juke Box Cave (brochure, link1, link2)
  • Donner Springs/Pilot Peak (link)
  • Donner-Reed Pass (link)
  • Floating Island (link)
  • Goshute Raptor Migration Project (brochure, link)
  • Great Basin National Park (link)
  • Humbolt National Forest (link)
  • Nevada/Utah State Boundary (brochure)
  • Pilot Peak Kiosks Road Stop (brochure)
  • Silver Island Mountains National Back Country Byway (link, BLM link)
  • Sun Tunnels (link)
  • The Metaphor "Tree of Utah" (link)
  • Tokio Trolley (brochure)
  • Wendover Army Airfield "Wendover Field" (brochure, link1)
  • Wendover Will (brochure)
  • Western Pacific Railroad (brochure, link1, link2)
  • Center for Land Use Interpretation (brochure, link)
  • Historic Wendover Airfield Museum (brochure, link)
  • Transcontinental Telephone Line (brochure, link1, link2)
Dining & Entertainment

Child Care Services/Pre School

  • Kids Are People Too!!

    Child Care Center/Pre School,

    M-F:  7am to 7pm; Sat:  9am to 5pm; Closed Sunday.  347 South First Street, Wendover, Utah 84083; 435-665-0533  

Outdoor Recreation & Facilities

  • West Wendover Recreation District
  • Toana Vista Golf Course
  • West Wendover Trails System incl. Leppy Hills Trails
  • Intermountain Guide-Horseback & ATV (link, email)
RV Parks

Parks & Trail Systems

  • West Wendover Trails System

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