City Owned/Operated Utilities

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The City of West Wendover owns and operates several utilities which serve the general public.   All of these facilities operate as Enterprise (Business) Funds within the city's budget except for Streets and the General Public Works divisions which operate as part of the City's General Fund. 

The systems and those who operate it do so under all State and Federal requirements/guidelines as established by the Safe Drinking Water Act and any related amendments which included regular monitoring and reporting, laboratory work and testing and certifications of the system and the crews who operate it. 

Each year, the Department completes the City’s Consumer and Confidence Report on Water Quality providing for public dissemination of water related issues. Click Here to access this Annual Report.

es routine maintenance and checks, laboratory testing and certifications.  Many of the Public Works/Utilities crews as well train and operate with state and federal certifications which ensure that those who are performing the work on the system are doing so within specific established procedures and parameters.

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The City operates and maintains over 19 miles of street/roadways and related roadway facilities within the city.  Though the City through various development initiatives constructs and maintains many parts of the facilities, property owners by code are required to maintain sidewalks along their property frontage in a safe operable condition.  Thus, property owners also play a role in maintaining appropriate facilities long-term which provide their properties access to the overall transportation facilities.

The City's Street network facilities are guided by the City's Master Plan which includes a Street Master Plan. To view the Street Master Plan Click Here.

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The City operates a city wide Water Distribution System which contains many miles of underground water lines ranging in size from 6 inches to 16 inches and larger along with water storage facilities.  The distribution system generally has a life span of more than 30 years.  Fortunately for West Wendover, many of the improvements that have been made, have been done so in just the last 20 years.

The community water system makes available for consumption by businesses and residents upwards of 700 million gallons of water annually.  That's enough water to fill the volume of the Empire State Building over 2 1/2 times.  That's a lot of water!

To view the City's Water Master Plan, Click Here.

Waste Water/ReUseReUse Water 1 Final

The City operates and maintains Waste Water and ReUse facilities which include miles of sewer line ranging from 6 inch to 24 inches in diameter in addition to the Reuse facilities which receives the waste-water from the community and then processes and stores the reclaim water for use in irrigation purposes such as at the Toana Vista Golf Club.  Thus, the City operates with water conservation as part of policies.  The ReUse facility processes and makes available for "resuse" approximately 140 million gallons of water annually.  Thus, in basic, the water conservation efforts equate to the re-use of 20 percent or more of water consumed annually in the community.


Garbage collection along with Composting and eventual placement of waste materials and construction debris in a certified Landfill is all accomplished by the City. 

The collection of garbage is made with residential and commercial  trucks, dumpsters, compactors and roll-off dumpsters.  The collected waste is processed seasonally through the Composting Facility which can process up to 24 tons per day of garbage.  The result is 14 tons per day of composted material with approximately 10 tons of non-compostable materials which are delivered to a multi-cell landfill for long-term disposal.   During non-compost operational periods, all waste material is deposited at the landfill site.  The landfill operates under all appropriate environmental regulations and guidelines and is annually certified by Nevada Department of Environmental Protection (NDEP). 

When combining the process of water reclamation with that of composting, West Wendover takes the lead for small rural communities by being over 50% recyclable while providing our desert community with a very useful by product for city beautification and development; compost.

Johnson Springs Transmission System

The Johnson Springs Transmission System (JSTS) is a set of facilities which produces and then transports culinary water from water resources in Shafter Valley and the Pequop Mountains to the distribution systems of West Wendover, Nevada and Wendover, Utah, some 30 miles away.  The JSTS includes currently 8 wells and 1 main spring complex along with transmission pipeline ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches in diameter that is capable of transporting nearly 8,000 gpm to the community.  Current flow is approximately 2,600 gpm, thus the system is capable of meeting the needs of the community for many years to come.

The JSTS dates back to the construction of Wendover Field  in World War II.  The new sprawling Army Air Corps military complex required an abundance of water which was not readily available in the small desert community.  As such, the military procured a water spring on the east side of the Pequop Mountains and then built a 30 mile water transmission system and reservoirs to transport the water to Wendover Field.   In 1975, that original system was deeded to the City of Wendover, Utah and the Town of Wendover, Nevada (West Wendover).   Since that time, with the growth of the community, primarily in West Wendover, the system has been fully upgraded with new transmission lines, production wells and storage reservoirs which operate today.   The system is owned by both cities; West Wendover, Nevada and Wendover, Utah; with West Wendover performing the role as systems manager given the system is primarily used by West Wendover as its only water source.

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