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Mayor-Council 12-2016

Pictured front row from left:  Council Member Jasie Holm, Mayor Daniel Corona, Council Member Nick Flores
Pictured back row from left:  Council Members Ismael "Izzy" Gutierrez, Gerald "Jerry" Anderson, former Council Member John Hanson


The City of West Wendover is a Municipal Corporation formed under Nevada Revised Statutes 266 (General Law Cities).  The City's incorporation date was July 1, 1991.

As a General Law City, the Governing Board includes an elected Mayor, serving a 4 year term and five (5) at-large elected Council Members serving staggered 4 year terms.  The Governing Board is not a full time body and thus under City Code the Mayor has appointing authority with the consent of the City Council over several Ordinance Officers which make up the City's Professional Management Team.  

The Professional Management Team includes the:  City Manager, City Attorney/Assistant City Attorney, City Clerk, Chief Financial Officer, Chief of Police, Fire Chief and Public Works Director.  This Professional Team manages the day-to-day operations of the City and reports through the established chain of command to the City Manager who is the Chief Administrative Officer of the City.  The City Manager then reports to the Governing Board.

The authorities, duties and responsibilities of the Mayor and City Council Members are established under N.R.S. 266 as well as in the West Wendover City Code, Title I.


Office of the Mayor

Office of City Council

 Office of City Manager

Department Heads

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