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Celebrating 66 Years

of His "Welcoming Wave" to Visitors from Around the World


Wendover Will ® is not just a local icon but he is also a Nevada State icon and an icon to many people from around the world.  He has been greeting visitors to our high desert community for many decades with his famous wave, curled smile, winking eye, white hat, blue jeans, spurred boots and of course more than a half-mile of the most brilliant neon around; and were not talking the new age LED look alike neon, this is the real thing, the same stuff used back to 1952, hand worked and installed by Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO) who keeps Will looking his best year-round. 

Undoubtedly hundreds of thousands if not millions of people have had their image taken with Wendover Will dating back to the early 1950's when he was first erected by the Smith family as part of the State Line Hotel & Casino. Click Here to Go to the Wendover Will History Page

The great thing about Wendover Will is he he loves people and loves to share our community with them.  If only this grand metal and neon cowboy could talk, imagine what stories he would tell... the stories of kids running wild, and couples taking their love to new levels all in front of him and his wide open arms. 


Now, we are only encouraging photos in good taste, we certainly will not post any images that are offensive or inappropriate for public viewing so don't get too crazy. 

We would love to receive Your Selfie to share with others from around the world showing that Wendover Will is your #1 Cowboy! 

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To Visit the Wendover Will History Page Click Here


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