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We Are Happy to Welcome FedEx as our Newest Industrial Park Resident!




Land Availability

The City of West Wendover has land available in our new industrial park area, located adjacent U.S. Highway 93A and the Union Pacific Railroad main line and within 1/4 mile of Interstate 80, which could be made available to various types of businesses at a very low acquisition cost if qualified.  If the direct City owned acreage is not enough, we are happy to assist in locating other appropriate property in our community, though we cannot assure the acquisition costs for such property.   

Figures 1 through 3 contain a layout of the industrial park properties for your reference.  Though we have shown parceling of the property, at this time only one parcel (Lot 9) has actually been parceled.  The remainder of the land has not.  The land is fully developed with access to all local utilities.    Figures 4 provides a link to the State of Nevada Incentive Information, which the City of West Wendover also uses in establishing basic thresholds for providing low cost land under development agreements as part of our business incentives program.  This would include evaluating the term of any potential business operation; employment categories and related wage rates in comparison to the Elko County Average Wage; number of employees and; any facility construction that might occur on the identified property.

West Wendover Industrial Park - U.S. Highway 93A/Airport Way


The Industrial Park Project consists of the development of approximately 30 acres of land located in the southeast portion of the City adjacent to U.S. Highway 93A, the Union Pacific Railroad and within 1/4 mile of Interstate 80.  The parcels are available for various industrial uses as well as warehousing/transportation.

The Industrial Park is developed and includes access to all utilities such as electricity, water, sewer and storm drainage in addition, the land includes developed street frontage with sidewalk and ribbon curb. 

Figure 1


Figure 2



Figure 3


Figure 4



Transportation and Logistics

This is an area in which West Wendover has great strength.  We are centrally located in the western U.S. If you were to bisect the western U.S. from Denver, Colorado to San Francisco and from the U.S./Mexico border to the U.S./Canada border, you will find our community at the center.



Interstate and Highway System.  We are conveniently located adjacent Interstate 80, connecting the Rocky Mountain Region to the Pacific Coast (San Francisco).  In addition to Interstate 80, West Wendover is connected to Las Vegas and Interstate 15 serving the southwest including southern California through U.S. Highway 93A. 

Real Time Access.  One of the major benefits of our community is in regards to transportation.  Real time access to the interstate and highway system is simple and does not involve miles of traffic and potential delays.  Today, freight can depart the industrial area and immediately be on U.S. Highway 93A or within a few short minutes be rolling east or west down Interstate 80.  Unlike other major metropolitan areas, you will not find yourself on an interstate stuck in congested traffic costing you time and money.

Railroad.  The main line of the Union Pacific Railroad bisects the community connecting Salt Lake City to Oakland.  This line was actually the impetus for the start of our community in 1907.  Railcar loading/unloading can be accessed through spurs that are located within 1 mile of our industrial subdivision.  Though we do not have spurs directly associated with our industrial property at this time, this is certainly a possibility in the near future as additional users come online.   Today spur access is available through one of our local businesses.  If you would like more information about their potential service capability, we can provide that.

Airport.  Wendover Airport is a former military airfield that is now operated as a civil commercial facility.  It has two operational runways (100’ x 8,100’ asphalt and 150’ x 8,000’ asphalt) and is used to support General Aviation as well as non-scheduled commercial service.  The non-scheduled service includes daily charter flights (10 per week) with a 150 passenger MD-83's that is planned for expansion in the future.  The current flights brings tourists to West Wendover from various areas throughout the U.S. including such cities as:  Green Bay, Minneapolis, Wichita, Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Littlerock, Houston, Dallas, El Paso, Albuquerque, Denver, Grand Junction, Seattle, Spokane, Portland and other U.S. cities in addition to Edmonton, Calgary and Fort McMurray in Canada.  The airport facility is capable of supporting substantial flight operations and is an essential component to our future growth.

FTL and LTL.  Given our orientation to Interstate 80 and access to southwest by way of U.S. Highway 93A, West Wendover can be serviced by most major western regional carriers.  Examples would include:  Motor Cargo, Roadway, CFI, Yellow, Godfrey Trucking, Davis Freight Systems, Werner Enterprises, U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Knight Transportation, Swift Transportation, M.S. Carriers and others.  In regards to LTL, we receive service from again companies such as Roadway, Mortor Cargo as well as United Parcel Service, Fed Ex and DHL among others.

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