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Business1New Business Checklist

Be fully prepared, and ready-to-go when you bring in your West Wendover business license applications for processing.   This list, when followed, will assure the smoothest transition in the final processing / receipt of your West Wendover City business license.

City of West Wendover New Business License Checklist

1.   Zoning Requirements:   The applicable City zoning requirements should be reviewed to ensure that the desired location is zoned for the proposed type of business before buying or leasing property.   For Home-Based businesses , please verify if a Home Occupation Permit will be required or allowed.

Planning and Zoning

Chris J. Melville

City Manager/Director Community Development
City of West Wendover
1111 N. Gene L. Jones Way
P.O. Box 2825
West Wendover, NV   89883
Phone:  (775) 664-3081
Fax:       (775) 664-2683

2.   City Business License Forms:   Must be completed in full, along with obtaining the required signatures on the "Sign-Off Sheet" leaving the City Office signatures until last.

3.   Federal Tax ID and/or Social Security #:   Must furnish one or the other.   Federal Tax ID not required for Sole Proprietorship businesses, only the Social Security #.   Forms and information to apply for Federal Tax ID number may be accessed at:

4.   Nevada Sales/Use Tax Permit & Nevada Business License:   The business needs to open an account with the Nevada Department of Taxation or we need a clearance from the Nevada Department of Taxation stating it is not needed.   No license will be issued until this has been completed .   Contact below:

Nevada Department of Taxation
4600 Kietzke Lane
Building L, Suite 235
Reno, NV 89502
Phone:  (775) 687-9999 or toll free 866-962-3707

All Forms & Publications available here 

5.   Proof of Worker's Compensation Insurance Needed:   If the business has one or more employees, we will need a certificate of insurance from the insurance carrier through which the employees are covered for work-related accidents.   This is a Federal & State of Nevada requirement .

6.   Proof of Incorporation, Partnership or LLC:   Incorporated businesses, etc. are required to be registered with the State of Nevada.   Contact below:

NV. Secretary of State Office
Commercial Recordings / Corporation Information
Secretary of State - Annex Office
202 North Carson St.
Carson City, NV   89701-4201
Phone:   (775) 684-5708
Fax:        (775) 684-5725

All Forms available here .

7.   Fictitious Name/DBA Certificate:   Required for any business that plans to use a name different from their legal or corporate name.   The business must check with the County Clerk's office to make certain the fictitious name desired is available.   The DBA form must be notarized and filed with the County Clerk's office below:

Elko County Clerk
Courthouse, 571 Idaho Street, 3 rd Floor
Elko, Nevada 89801
Phone:   (775) 753-4600

8.   Proof of Required State License:   Required for any business that is primarily regulated by the State of Nevada, such as:   Contractors, Gaming, Liquor Distributors, Cosmetology, Child Care, Schools, Real Estate, Transportation Companies, Manufactured Home Sales & Service, etc.


Note:  Several of these cannot be issued by the State until we have issued our City license to the business.   In such cases, a temporary City license will be issued in order to obtain State licensing, then once completed, actual City license will be released.

9.   State of Nevada Dept. of Health Certificate:   Required for any business selling/handling ingestable foods and/or drinks (restaurants, grocery stores, bars etc.), and for any other businesses in which the health of the public may be affected by their business.   For more information contact:

Scott Marteney

Nevada State Division of Health
Bureau of Health Protection Services
850 Elm Street
Elko, NV   89801
Phone:   (775) 753-1138 or (775) 753-1140

10.   Liquor Licensing:   Must pay the required fee ($120.00)   when completed application is presented to the City Clerk for the first time.   Application then goes to the Police Dept. for the required background check, then back to the City Clerk to be placed on the next available agenda for final approval/denial by the City Council.   This license fee is refundable if the license is denied .   NOTE :   Takes 3-4 weeks for processing .

11.   S.O.B. / Accessory S.O.B. Licensing:   Zoning Dept. must first approve location that will be used for this business .   Must pay the required initial application fees and investigation fees when completed application is presented to the City Clerk for the first time.   Application then goes to the Police Dept. for the required background check, then back to the City Clerk to be placed on the next available agenda for final approval/denial by the City Council.   After approval of an S.O.B. License by the City Council, the business must then complete the regular City Business License Application and pay the annual fees required before City License can be finalized and issued.   NOTE :   Takes 3-4 weeks for processing .

12.   Term of License & Fees:   City licenses follow the City's fiscal year; beginning on July 1 st each year and expiring on June 30 th of the following year.   Any license acquired at any time during the fiscal year will need to pay fees in the full amount ; the City does not prorate fees or issue refunds if the business closes before the license expiration date.   All licenses are non-transferable and require a minimum of 24 hours for processing.

13.   Transient Peddlers & Special Event License:   Should not be issued for any more than 4 consecutive days.   Requires City-approved license applications, which can be picked up at the City office, and must obtain all of the required "Sign-Off" signatures.

NOTE:   Transient Peddlers License :   Owners must be able to produce a copy of their Nevada Department of Taxation Sales/Use Tax number and Nevada Business License number.   City office will call the Nevada Department of Taxation to verify that the business is in compliance, before any City license can be issued.

Financial Aid for Small Businesses
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Not quite sure how to proceed in starting your own business?
Do you have a great business plan, but a not-so-great financial situation?

Be sure to check out any or all of the organizations listed below, along with their available web resources, which will contain all of their up-to-date contact names, addresses and phone numbers.

  1. Nevada Small Business Development Center
    The Nevada Small Business Development Center is a statewide business assistance outreach program of the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. They provide an abundance of free and low cost information, assistance, counseling and training for Nevada Businesses.
  2. Rural Nevada Development Corporation - RNDC  A Nevada corporation, located in nearby Ely, Nevada, is designed to provide financing opportunities to small businesses, and also for affordable housing, to people in the more rural areas of Nevada.   Full information available at:
  3. U.S. Small Business Administration   Great source of information for all areas of starting a small business or even for small businesses that are already established.   Loan information and programs available.   See more at: