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The City of West Wendover wants to ensure that you have access to all the helpful information possible in regards to your pets. 

For licensing, spaying and neutering of dogs and cats please contact the general Police Department Administrative Offices at:  (775) 664-2930 or:



Click Here to Access Animal Control & Pet Adoptions Forms

Click Here to go to the Animal Licensing Page 

Click Here to go to the Police Department Main Page for contact information

For information on adoption of pets, pet nuisances and general animal control issues contact the Animal Control Officer at:  (775) 664-2930 or Click Here to Email Animal Control Officer Alex Peterson.



                                                            Veterinary Services

Elko/Spring Creek, Nevada Area
Tooele/Stansbury, Utah Area

 Aspen Veterinary Clinic

1228 Silver State Drive

Spring Creek, NV


Website Click Here


 Countryside Animal Clinic

254 S. Main Street

Tooele, UT


Website Click Here

 Bergin Animal Clinic

700 S. 5th Street

Elko, NV



Tooele Veterinarian Clinic

1182 N. 80 E.

Tooele, UT


Elko Veterinary Clinic

1052 Colt Drive

Elko, NV


Website Click Here


 Stansbury Animal Hospital

6422 N. Gateway Drive

Stansbury, UT


Website Click Here

 Ruby View Veterinary Clinic

2750 Lamoille Highway

Spring Creek, NV



Tanabo Veterinary Clinic

450 W. Silver Street

Elko, NV


Website Click Here