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Social Services assistance in West Wendover is largely provided through the local JAS Foundation

Services include: 

Charity Thrift Store.  Direct assistance to persons in need including clothing and food as a result of disasters and other circumstances.

Joseph's Pantry (Food Bank).  Coordinates with the Utah Food Bank and the USDA to bring food to those in need.  The food bank serves over 450 families a month in the Wendover area.

Community Resource Center.  Provides assistance to persons in the following areas:  Nevada and Utah Medicaid, Nevada and Utah Food Stamps, Aging Disabilities, Domestic Violence Assistance, Social Security Assistance, Unemployment Concerns, Energy Assistance, In Home Health Services and Hospice Care, CHIP and WIC, Embassy Contacts for Assistance.

Salvation Army.  Assistance to stranded travelers and transients in need of lodging, funds for vehicle fuel, bus fares and food.

West Wendover Senior Center.  Gather place for seniors in the area to enjoy each others company in addition to providing learning assistance tools such as learning to use computers, the Internet and other personal electronic devices which can be complicated and overwhelming for some in this modern age.

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JAS Foundation
1920 Plateau Way
West Wendover, Nevada 89883
(775) 664-3030


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